| Digital OOH DSP
Over 3500 sites
Over 80 vendors
Go live with your ads instantly
Set up your campaign in real time
Receive analytics, photo, video and campaign reports automatically
Optimize the processes: get your specsheets within the system

Simplify your job: add media files without efforts

Quick approval: creatives can be approved in advance; previously approved.creatives can be used in several different campaigns

Automate tasks: the system checks media files according for the aspect ratio
Auction based
Second price RTBs with set budget and bid

Targeting by format, location, sites, daytime, day, audience or weather conditions

Precise set up: time, days of the week, formats, audiences, weather

Preset advertising strategies: saving budget or reach maximization

Flexible broadcasting schedule and budget at any point
Managing your campaign
Choosing bid type: OTS or impressions

Even distribution throughout the day: set your daily budget

Setting the broadcast schedule: by day and by hour

Rotation: Attaching multiple creatives to show different creatives in succession

Live data: viewing statistics on impressions and OTC online
Choose your sites using filters by city, format or site #

Use POI to select your sites

Filters: Owner, City, Format, Side, etc

Choose sites one by one if needed
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